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Portrait of a Graduate
Janice Ricks

The Portrait ensures that North Carolina students are well equipped for the broadest range of postsecondary opportunities, be it college, career, or military.  

Now, more than ever, a student’s learning experiences must include the acquisition of rigorous academic content and the durable skills and mindsets students need to thrive in the post-secondary plan of their choice. 

The Portrait shows that student academic success matters, but so does a student’s ability to adapt, to collaborate, to communicate, to think critically, to show empathy, to learn, and to take personal responsibility.  

Janice Ricks
Career and Technical Edcation
Janice Ricks

Some of us remember it as Vocational Education but it is now referred to as Career Technical Education (CTE). CTE allows students to gain a deeper understanding of academic concepts and learn technical skills. Classes are offered in the middle school and both high schools. These programs are aligned with related programs at local public community colleges. This allows students to easily continue their studies in college to earn a degree, diploma, or certification. Students can study fields ranging from agriculture and arts, to health and human services, to engineering and business.

Janice Ricks
Lunch Menus
Janice Ricks
Testing Calendar
Janice Ricks

News & Events

Bertie High School Graduation
Janice Ricks

From Caps to Diplomas: They did it! Bertie High School students celebrate graduation. Bertie High School recently celebrated the incredible achievements of the class of 2024 at their graduation ceremony. The event was filled with pride and joy, marking the end of their high school journey. As they move forward, they carry with them the knowledge and experiences gained during their time at the school. Congratulations to the amazing class of 2024!

Congratulations to Julio Gonzalez
Janice Ricks

The George W. Lee Elks Lodge knows how crucial it is to support the next generation of leaders and scholars like Julio. They offer scholarships to help students achieve their academic dreams and make a positive impact in their communities.

My Future NC
Janice Ricks

Only 30 out of the 100 North Carolina 9th graders earn a degree or credential within 6 years of graduating high school. A better-educated North Carolina is the key to economic prosperity and upward mobility for all citizens. MyFutureNC aligns and coordinates local, regional, and state actions to dramatically increase the attainment of industry-valued credentials and postsecondary degrees to achieve the state's attainment goal of two million North Carolinians aged 25-44 to hold an industry-valued credential or postsecondary degree by 2030.